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One year ago, a strange dream of holy ruins, regal cities and fateful battles was shared by many people who woke up with a mark branding them as Masters. The year is 2060. The Fifth Grail War has begun in the british archipielago of Scilly and an abnormal number of Masters and Servants have shown up from all over the world. The neighboring countries now host overseers from the Church and Clocktower, rumors of darker presences roaming about make one wonder...just what or who has caused this anomaly?
03.25.18 Good news! Extra Classes Avenger, Foreigner, and shielder have been released! Don't forget to participate in the master creation event! ---BLUECOAT

05.03.17 Good news! The pull for the Easter event will be happening soon. Sign ups for the Ball are still open! ---CYPRESS

04.04.17 Everything is looking up! We have more masters incoming for our servants. There is also a mini-event incoming very soon! Keep an eye out.-CYPRESS

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Breaking News: One night Masters who had summoned Servants suddenly found themselves cursed to die if they do not go to the Isles and participate in the war! New masters find this curse coming with the command seals, etching itself in their body and urging them to go to the isles. The mist has disappeared, but the actor behind it has decided to push its agenda.
the masterminds
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